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Daijin (ダイジン, Daijin) is the false antagonist and tritagonist in Suzume.

In Suzume[]

He is a kind of spiritual god in the shape of a cat who is responsible for removing and confining the worm in the afterlife. He is capable of speaking human language. Daijin is initially revealed as an "antagonist" but it is later revealed that he was a false antagonist and was simply leading Suzume towards the open doors. Being a deity, Daijin gets his strength and appearance from the prayers and affection of humans and this is why when Suzume shows him affection he changes appearance.


Daijin is a small, mostly all white cat with a dark grayish black spot around its right eye. Its eyes are large in size and yellow, with green color near the pupils. It’s safe to assume that its skin is a light pink in color considering the inside of its ear and nose are light pink. Daijin has noticeable fluff on its cheeks and hind legs. Its tail is incredibly long, 2x the lengh of its body. The cat becomes thinnier when rejected by Suzume and returns to normal appearance when treated with kindness. It can transform into a larger darker colored cat but is not the same as Sadajin.


  • It is possible that it has an influence on how others perceive him.
  • His official name is ´´Uyoku daijin´´ which means ´´Minister of the right´´.
  • His nickname Daijin has the meaning of ´´Okami´´ which is a respectful way of saying deity.