Hina Amano (天野陽菜, Amano Hina), nicknamed the "100% Sunshine Girl", is a main character in Weathering With You.

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Hina is a young woman of average build and height with fair skin and light blue eyes. She has straight, long black hair (with a blue hue) which she ties into two low ponytails with black hair ties, laid on her shoulder. She has long bangs and two locks of hair framing her face. She usually wears a grey hoodie over a pink tank top, and for bottoms, she either wears navy blue shorts or a pink skirt. Additionally, she wears a blue-stone necklace and carries around a small dark grey canvas backpack.


Hina is a kind and caring young woman, as evidenced by her willingness to offer a free burger to the runaway Hodaka, and her newfound love for seeing people happy with her sunshine powers. She is cheerful despite her struggles to keep herself and her brother afloat.


Hina and her younger brother live together after their mother passed away, leaving her to fend for them both.


Hina possesses the unique ability to stop the rain and clear the sky when she prays, thus being called hare-onna (晴れ女) or sun girl. This puts a strain on her mind and body, however.


Behind the Scenes


Hina is voiced by Nana Mori.


Amano (天野) means "sky field", while Hina (陽菜) means "sun greens". Her last name may be a reference to her ability, as the sky and diving into the sky is a direct connection to her ability. The first kanji character of the Japanese word of "weather" tenki (天気?), is also the same character as the first character of her last name (天).

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