Hodaka Morishima (森嶋帆高, Morishima Hodaka) is a main character in Weathering With You.

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Hodaka Morisaki full

Full body

Hodaka is a teenager of average build and height with short, messy dark hair, and light brown eyes. He wears a plain white t-shirt, four-quarter rare-folded pants, and carries around a small over-the-shoulder bag at all times.


Hodaka Morishima is a first-year high school student who lives on the detached island of Kozushima, located south of Japan. Unhappy with his shallow lifestyle in the remote area of his native village as well as his abusive father, he decides to move to Tokyo. However, he finds himself living his life as a NEET against the high living cost in Tokyo, and soon becomes broke and falls into isolation, also known as hikikomori. However, he finally manages to get a job as a writer in a shady & small Monthly Paranormal Occult Editorial.

After becoming a journalist, Hodaka is sent in a task to investigate the irregular weather in Japan. One day, in a corner of the crowded and busy Tokyo metropolitan, Hodaka meets a bright and strong-willed young woman named Hina Amano, who has the mysterious ability to part the rainy clouds through her prayer, and the two begin a small business and explore the undiscovered secrets of the world together.


Behind the Scenes


Hodaka is voiced by Kotaro Daigo.


Morishima (森嶋) means "luxuriant island", while Hodaka (帆高) means "high sail".

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