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Mikako Nagamine (長峰 美加子, Nagamine Mikako) is a character in Voices of a Distant Star. She is a junior high school girl who is in love with Noboru Terao but was chosen to join a space expedition. While in space, she always texted Noboru, even in dangerous situations. But still, Mikako was going far, far away from Earth. So far away that her text messages would only reach Noboru after 8 to 10 years. She missed Earth and Noboru very much.

The anime version of the ending depicts Mikako adrift in space after winning the final battle against the Tarsians, while she promises that one day Noboru will be reunited with her once more. But the manga version greatly clarifies and provides a more hopeful ending as it is shown that Mikako survives the final fight, and that Noboru has enlisted in the UN Space Force to conduct a rescue mission to retrieve her.


Mikako has yellow eyes and brown hair. She wears a school uniform consisting of a short-sleeved white shirt with a blue vest and red tie. She also wears a short blue skirt.


Mikako is very loyal with his feelings towards Noboru. Despite the harsh solitude of space, and the evergrowing separation that is present between Noboru and Mikako, she still harbours deep love and affection towards Noboru. Her desire to return to Earth and profess her feelings drives her forward, although it is shown that she slowly becomes more and more hopeless and desperate in realizing her dreams.