Moka (萌花, Moka) in a minor character in Weathering With You. She is the daughter of Keisuke Suga.


Moka's height

Moka's height measured each year

She was born to Keisuke Suga and Asuka Mamiya on March 3, 2016. Her parents measured her height against a wooden pillar every year on her birthday. She was 70.8 cm on her first birthday, 82.4 cm on her second birthday, and 89.1 cm on the third.

When her mother passed away, she was taken into custody by her maternal grandmother against her father's will. She's developed Asthma, which prevents her from going out when it rains.

In Weathering With You

On August 21, 2021, Moka gets to play with her father at the Shiba Park. She also gets to know Hina Amano, Nagi Amano, and Hodaka Morishima there.


Suga, Natsumi, Nagi and Moka in 2024

Three years later, Suga shows that he, Natsumi, Nagi, and Moka had many outings together even though it has been raining endlessly.

Behind the Scenes



Moka (萌花) means "sprout and flower".

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