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Natsumi (夏美, Natsumi) is a side character in Weathering With You.

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Natsumi is a flighty and mischievous young woman who enjoys teasing others, as she enjoys watching Hodaka squirm when she guessed correctly that he was staring at her chest. Despite this, she is kind, caring and loyal, keeping her uncle company, warning Hina about the risks of being a sunshine girl, and helping Hodaka find Hina despite his status as a criminal. She's a fan of urban legends and all stories supernatural, contrasting to her uncle and Hodaka Morishima who only care about those things for monetary gain.


Natsumi is the daughter of Keisuke Suga's older brother, a brilliant man who is now the financial official for the government. However, she doesn't get along with her father and came to work with/bum around her uncle's place instead.

In Weathering With You


Suga, Natsumi, Nagi and Moka in 2024

Three years later, Suga shows that he, Natsumi, Nagi Amano, and Moka had many outings together even though it has been raining endlessly.

Behind the Scenes


She is voiced by Honda Tsubasa.

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She shares many similarities with Katsuhiko Teshigawara from Your Name.:

  • Both of them are enthusiastic about supernatural stories.
  • Both of them own Honda Super Cubs.
  • Both of them happily engage in dubious and nigh-criminal activities to help their friends.
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