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She and Her Cat: Everything Flows (彼女と彼女の猫 -Everything Flows- , Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows) is a four-episode anime series loosely based on Makoto Shinkai's 1999 OVA of the same name.

It is produced by Liden Films and directed by Kazuya Sakamoto. It aired between March 4 and 25, 2016 as part of Tokyo MX's Ultra Super Anime Time programming block.


For the longest time, it's just been the two of them. Miyu and her cat Daru are inseparable, having grown up together. Now a junior in college, Tomoka — her roommate of a year and a half — moves out of their shared apartment, and in order to keep her living space, Kanojo must find a job. Day by day, Daru watches her continued efforts from a cat's-eye view, eagerly awaiting his owner's return. When she gets back, once again, it's just she and her cat.


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Crunchyroll made the anime available via stream worldwide except for Asia starting on March 4. The anime was released in Blu-Ray and DVD on May 18, 2016, and it included a "complete edition" with additional footage, including a 90-second opening sequence. This edition received a theatrical release from May 21 to 27, at the Tollywood theater in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.



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