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Suzume (すずめの戸締まり, Suzume no Tojimari) is the seventh feature film produced by Makoto Shinkai. The Japanese title was revealed on December 15, 2021. The film was released on November 11, 2022.


It’s a story where something major happens that one’s own power can’t do anything to affect. By making this film, I want a part of people to think. ‘We’ll somehow manage to get by, won’t we?'” The coronavirus is a large-scale disaster, but over the decades of our lives, we’ll experience many forms of disaster, I think. Many things in society will come to a dramatic end, or be dramatically changed. But even after that, people will continue to find a way to survive.

Makoto Shinkai[1]

🕒 Timeline in Suzume

Suzume Iwato is a 17-year-old high school girl, who lives with her aunt in a town in the region of Kyushu. One morning she suddenly woke up after having a dream of her as a child in a field with a bright sky full of stars with a female figure in front of her who she tries to recall by calling her "Mom". On her way to school she meets a young man who asks her if there were any ruins with a door nearby and she points out an old abandoned spa in the mountains. After meeting some of her friends, she becomes curious and decides to try to reach the yound man by reaching the abandoned spa. There she finds a door which she decides to open which made her see the same field and sky of her dreams. She trips over a cat statue on the floor, which turns into a real cat and flees. Frightened, Suzume rushes back to school. During lunch, Suzume notices a huge column of smoke, emerging from the location where the abandoned spa is located, and after trying to get her friends' attention she noticed that they couldn't see the huge column. She rushes back to the abandoned spa and finds the man from earlier, who is struggling to close the door. Suzume helps him, and they manage to close the door. Due to the column of smoke falling an earthquake hits a nearby area.

Suzume takes the man to her home, where he introduces himself as Souta Munakata, explaining he is a "Closer" and he must locate and lock specific doors in abandoned places throughout Japan, to prevent a powerful "worm" from being released and causing earthquakes. As they talk, the cat from the spa appears and, after receiving food from Suzume he speaks to her leaving her stunned, the cat, called Daijing then turns Souta into the chair he was sitting on. Souta, now a small, three-legged chair, chases the cat onto a ferry headed for Ehime, with Suzume following along. The cat leaps onto another ship as Souta tells Suzume that the cat is a "keystone", and that the worm was released after Suzume accidently removed the keystone from near the door.

The following morning they reached Ehime and noticed several posts on the internet about the cat from locals, in an attempt to find it they met a girl, Chika Amabe, who had just accidently dropped boxes of oranges from her scooter, Suzume helped Chika to recover the load and talked for a while with Chika but, upon seeing another worm, she had Chika accompany her to a nearby abandoned school where Souta taught her to close the door with a special key avoiding the advent of another earthquake. They stay at Chika's Inn for the night where Suzume helps her friend with the cleaning and then goes to bed. The next morning they set off again after noticing that Daijin was crossing a bridge on his way to Kobe. They stopped at a bus stop after it started raining and received a ride from Rumi Ninomiya who drove them to Kobe, then asked Suzume if she could babysit her children for her. After entertaining the two children Suzume helped with the bar but then had to run away as soon as she noticed Daijin inside the bar who took her to an abandoned amusement park where another door opened. They manage to lock the door, and the worm disappears. Souta explains that the portal within the door leads to the Ever-After, a place where souls go after death.


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After tracking Daijin to Tokyo, Souta asks Suzume to take them to his apartment. There he explains the legend of the worm "Namazu", and that he is the last descendant of a family that, for many generations, had been responsible for locking all the doors that lead to the Ever-After. He says that there are two keystones that seal the worm: the western keystone has become Daijin, while the location of the eastern keystone is unknown. He warns that if the worm tries to emerge in Tokyo, it could cause an earthquake of the same magnitude as the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake. They then noticed that the worm was coming out and the two tried to find the door from which it was coming out. The worm takes a large shape in the sky and prepares to fall as the two manage to "fly" above it and there Daijin reveals that Suota is now the Keystone and that if they want to avoid a earthquake they must block the worm using Souta himself. Souta suddenly turns into a keystone and Suzume reluctantly uses him to lock-up the giant worm. Suzume wakes up at a shrine housing the Tokyo gate, where she sees Souta in the Ever-After, but is unable to enter the door. Daijin then appears and tries to talk to Suzume but she kicks him away and yells at him to never come back. She visits Souta's grandfather, Hitsujirō Munakata, at the hospital, hoping to figure out how to rescue Souta. He explains that Suzume's ability to see the worm and the Ever-After through the doors, means that in some point in her life she entered the realm through one of the doors. Moreover, the doorway that she first used is the only place where she can re-enter the Ever-After in order to save Souta.

She then decides to travel to the Tōhoku region, where she lived as a child and where she experienced the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami where she lost her mother. On her way, Suzume runs into Souta's friend, Tomoya Serizawa, who wants to help her to find Souta, along with Suzume's aunt, Tamaki, who has been looking for Suzume to take her back to Kyushu. Suzume refuses to go back and jumps into Serizawa's car. Tamaki also jumps in with Daijin and they travel to Tōhoku. They are then forced to stop halfway due to the rain as the roof of Serizawa's car doesn't work. There Suzume and her aunt get into a heated argument influenced by Sadaijin, the eastern Keystone, who will then come with them. Sadaijin revealed that he too could speak causing an accident which causes the car to fall down a ditch, Suzume along with her Aunt and the two cats leave Serizawa behind and continue on a bicycle. There they find her old house and recover a time capsule with Suzume's diary inside of when she was little which confirms that the door was nearby. They find the door and Suzume, Daijin and Sadaijin enter leaving Tamaki behind. Once in the Ever-After, Sadaijin changes his form and attempts to fight the worm while Suzume and Daijin free Souta who returns to his human form. Realizing the consequences of his freedom, Daijin sacrifices himself to become a keystone, and along with Sadaijin who likewise turns back into a keystone, they are used by Souta and Suzume to lock the worm permanently in the Ever-After.

While still in the Ever-After, Suzume notices a little girl who is none other than her 12 years earlier, Suzume assures her young self the chair will provide her with the strength to overcome the tragedy and continue to grow. Young Suzume then returns to the past by going through the door again while Suzume and Souta return to the present, and closes the door. Souta returns to Tokyo while Tamaki and Suzume return home revisiting the friends Suzume made along the way.

Months later while Suzume goes to school she meets Souta again on the same street where she first met him.


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  • Makoto Shinkai tweeted on September 2023 regards the Netflix series Gamera Rebirth directed by Hirokyuki Seshita who directed the CGI animations of the Worm, that he wants to see "Gamera to fight against the Worm in Tokyo".[2]
    • Daijin's hashtag "With Daijin" (ダイジンと一緒, Daijin to Issho) is also a presumed reference to Nights with a Cat (夜は猫といっしょ, Yoru wa Neko to Issho) which has also collaborated with Gamera Rebirth.[3]


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