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Taki Tachibana (立花 瀧, Tachibana Taki) is the male protagonist in Your Name. and makes a cameo appearance in Weathering With You.

Taki is a high-school boy living in Tokyo who works a part-time job in an Italian restaurant, passes time hanging out with his friends, and seems to express an interest in architecture.


Full body

Taki is a young man with an average build and height who is, by Mitsuha's admission in her wish before the first switch, handsome. He has spiky, nape-length brown hair with bangs covering his forehead and dark blue eyes.

As a 14-year-old, Taki had a smaller build, with a height comparable to Mitsuha. His middle school uniform consisted of a white shirt and green tie with a pale yellow blazer on top.

At the age of 17, He was noticeably taller than Mitsuha. He wore a plain white tee shirt and blue shorts as casual wear. For school, his uniform consisted of a white dress shirt with a striped green tie and a dark blue blazer, dark gray pants with a black belt, and dark blue loafers. For work, he wore a white long-sleeved dress shirt, and a vest, dress pants, bowtie and apron that were black. During his date with Okudera, he wore a dark jacket, a V-neck shirt striped with the colors orange, blue, and white, khaki pants, and black sneakers.

He wore Mitsuha's braided cord since she gave it to him when he was 14, until he returned it at 17.

As an adult, Taki increased in height and gained broader shoulders, his facial features have sharpnened, but his overall appearance remained recognizable. While searching for work, he wore a black suit and a blue tie. At his grandmother's, he wore a white polo and brown pants.


Taki is a kind, diligent, and caring individual. He possesses a passion for art and architecture. He is also organized, with Mitsuha even remarking on it.

Taki is also quite rash and hot-headed, as he tends to blurt out the first thing on his mind regardless of the situation. This sometimes gets him into fights, if Okudera's comments are any indication. Due to his hotbloodedness, Taki has no problem defending himself, contrasting with Mitsuha. In her body, he stands up to the classmates who passively remark rude things about her, and responds to her father's dismissive statements by angrily grabbing him by the tie.

Taki also takes pride in his charisma, believing his presence in her life had made her more popular. In fact, a handful of students (both male and female alike) have even confessed to him. Despite this, Taki is not too confident in romance himself, as he is particularly defensive about his lack of a girlfriend, and struggles to even make conversation with Okudera during their date (although this could be attributed to his burgeoning feelings for Mitsuha.)

Above all, Taki's defining trait is his determination. He set out in search of Mitsuha in the countryside, despite remembering very little about her and the place she lived. And even after finding out had since passed away three years prior, he was still determined to find a way to reconnect with her.

As an adult, Taki's personality remained much the same, still bantering and joking with his highschool friends, but he gained a more mature but somewhat sullen personality. The emptiness he felt was due to the missing memories, which influenced his desire towards creating "heartwarming landscapes" and architechture that would stand the test of time.

In Your Name.

In Weathering With You

On August 14, 2021, Taki visited his grandmother's house to help her hold the Obon ceremony for his late grandfather. He met Hina Amano and Hodaka Morishima there and advised Hodaka to find a gift for Hina's upcoming birthday.

In Weathering With You novel

In March 2024, when Hodaka visited Fumi's apartment, he saw the wedding photo of her grandson, who was Taki. It is inferred that he and Mitsuha married during the time Hodaka returned to his island.

Behind the Scenes

Director's interview

In an interview at the French premiere of Weathering With You, Makoto Shinkai confirmed that Mitsuha and Taki have married.